Music 101

Hey Precious Readers!

My name is Caylin and, like Brittney, I am new to the intern program at Precious Nuptials & Destinations. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to be a part of this opportunity! What I plan on contributing to this blog are stories/experiences from weddings I have attended in hopes that they will help you plan yours :)

Recently, I attended a wedding in Galveston that was absolutely gorgeous and meticulously planned out..except for one tiny fact…the music!! Music is a wonderful way to set the mood you are wanting for your reception. Whether you want a trip down college memory lane or a more modern “club” feeling, music is key to setting the tone.

It is ironic that after attending this wedding I would be checking my favorite (second to this one :) ) wedding blog and ran across a posting with advice on picking out your play list. To read more about these easy tips, check out IDoSugar.


Happy, Happy Earth Day To You!!

Happy Earth Day my fellow readers!!! In celebration of this very special day, that's set out to recognize the beauty of our earth and conservation importance, I'd like to share an earth friend wedding resource.

I received an email from Martha with ecoparti on yesterday. She wanted to share her wonderful line of earth friendly products, and I would love to pass this information along. ecoparti offers wedding specific products such as Ecofetti™. What's Ecofetti™? You guessed it. It's biodegradable confetti that dissolves in water. You may view images of other couples use during their festive events on their website. ecoparti also offers things like rice paper napkins and freeze dried (non-staining) rose petals. I haven't had a chance to sample any of these products. If there's someone out there who has, please send us your review.

So from our Happy Earth Day to yours, take the time and do something earth friendly today! The world will smile and thank you for it. [cheers!]