Two Left Feet?!

You're not alone! Check out Dance Passion Studio. Classes start monthly. It's very affordable, a great way to get a fun work out in, and tune up your moves while you're at it! This is an email from Gloria (instructor):

Dance Passion - April Class Schedule
Salsa..... Ballroom..... Two Step..... Hip Hop..... Belly Dancing..... Romantic Slow

Hi Gang,
Come join the fun and bring your friends!! April classes are starting Monday March 31st thru Saturday April 5th. Registration for all classes is the day of your first class, just be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to register (no early registration). Ask for the Dance Passion registration area. Classes are $40 per person (cash or check), the $40 is paid at the first class and pays for 1 class a week for 4 weeks.
See you in class!

Gloria Jones

SALSA CLASSES (Instructor: Gloria Jones)

Beginner Salsa
8 pm Thursdays - April 3,10,17,24
1 pm Saturdays - April 5,12,19,26

Pre-Intermediate Salsa
7 pm Thursdays - April 3,10,17,24
1 pm Saturdays - April 5,12,19,26 (Instructor:Daniel Shroyer)

Intermediate Salsa (this class has 8 levels that rotate monthly)
8 pm Tuesdays - April 1,8,15,22
12 noon Saturdays - April 5,12,19,26

Advanced Salsa (on-going)
7 pm Tuesdays - April 1,8,15,22
11 am Saturdays - April 5,12,19,26

BALLROOM CLASSES (Instructor: Gloria Jones)
(Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, ChaCha, Jitterbug/Swing)

Beginner Ballroom
8 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

Pre-Intermediate Ballroom (Instructor:Angel Webb)
8 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

Intermediate Ballroom (Social American Style Bronze) (on-going)
7 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

COUNTRY WESTERN CLASSES (Instructor: Anita Williams)
Beginner Two Step
7 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

Adult Beginner Hip Hop (Instructor: Daniel Faircloth)
7 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

Adult Pre-Intermediate Hip Hop (Instructor: Andre 'Rhythm' Brown)
8 pm Mondays - March 31, April 7,14,21

BELLY DANCING CLASS (Instructor: Halimah Isaachen)
Beginner Belly dancing (exercise/workout attire)
7 pm Thursdays - April 3,10,17,24

Intermediate Belly dancing (exercise/workout attire)
8 pm Thursdays - April 3,10,17,24

Intermediate Romantic Slow (Sway) / Wedding (couples only - $80 per couple)
8 pm Tuesdays - April 1,8,15,22

Location: 3300 Chimney Rock Suite 500 (must enter from Beverly Hills)
*** please check directions***
Directions from Downtown: Take 59S, turn right on Chimney Rock, turn left on Beverly Hills (third street), turn into the second driveway on the left (the only entrance is from Beverly Hills),when you enter the studio just ask for Gloria's class

Parking: Allow extra time for parking on busy evenings, you can use the front lot on southwest corner of Chimney Rock and Beverly Hills for overflow parking.

Cost: $40 per month per person (cash or check) (paid at first class pays for 1 class a week for 4 weeks)

Belly Dancing Coin Belts (Optional): $20 (available at registration)

Registration: Registration for all classes is the first day of class, arrive 15 minutes early (No early registration)

Phone: 713-443-8275
E-mail: Gloria@dance-passion.com
Website: www.dance-passion.com

No Partners necessary (except Romantic Slow Sway/Wedding class)

Class Policies : All classes must be used during the monthly session. There are no refunds or carryovers to future months. No Exceptions.

What to wear Salsa,Ballroom,Two Step: Don't worry about your shoe/clothing selection, after the first class you will have a much better idea of what to wear. Try to avoid tennis shoes and sandals with an open back as these do not rotate well on the floor. Come comfortably dressed. We have a variety of dress as some people have come straight from work while others are more casual in either slacks or jeans.

What to wear Hip Hop: Best choices for footwear are jazz or tennis shoes. Come comfortably dressed in light weight loose fitting sweats, street clothes or dance apparel.
What to wear Belly Dancing:Come comfortably dressed in exercise/workout clothing. Recommended footwear include socks or ballet slippers (Bare feet are acceptable)

What to bring: Be sure to bring the directions to the studio. Also remember it's cash or check only (no credit cards).

Private Lessons: We also teach all dances (salsa, hip hop, latin, ballroom, country western, swing, wedding,etc.) in private lessons which are scheduled Monday - Sunday. Call or email for details.

Okay... this makes me want to take lessons...

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