Tuscany of Garden Oaks and Bella Terraza File for Bankruptcy

We were just as shocked as you were to learn that the owners of Bella Terraza and Tuscany of Garden Oaks filed for bankruptcy. Upset and displaced couples and family members gathered outside the building of Bella Terraza seeking answers. Instead, what they found were moving trucks and no one available for comment.


One couple reported to have been offered a 50% discount if they paid in full by cash and their booking consultation. This same couple didn't have cash and was allowed to put the $5000 on a credit card. Total red flag...

Another website displayed a posting from an angry father who had paid $20K in full for his daughter's special day. Needless to say, no one is available to offer answers, solutions, or even a compromised settlement.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these sudden chain of events! Many Houston area vendors have stepped up to offer free or discounted services to those unfortunate displaced couples and families. Precious Nuptials and Destinations would like to offer a different solution, not only to these displaced couples, but to everyone planning a wedding in today's economy. Stay tuned as we would like to make our offer on a separate entry.


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