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We've been busy in so many ways! It's time to catch up on our blogging. We've decided to highlight destination wedding locations. While we're at it, we will also highlight resorts, villas, and key resources along the way. The world is a huge canvas. Here's our drop into the bucket!

St. Lucia lush VIBRANT tropical MOUNTAINS rain forest PRIVATE

St. Lucia has so much to offer the destination wedding crowd. We think St. Lucia will be geared towards the couple that's looking to step away from a heavy tourist travel location, but understands that this is a growing travel hot spot. This island, in recent years, has just began to blossom as popular resorts began to build, advertise, and blossom on the natural beauty St. Lucia has to offer.

Is ease of travel or a direct flight on your list on priorities? If so, this may night be the destination for you. Travelers should not expect to exit the plan and rest their feet on the soil of their ultimate destination. Although travel is not extremely difficult, you may have to take a taxi, small craft, or ferry to get to your ultimate destination. US travelers should research Delta and American Airlines for direct flights to Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) departing from Atlanta, Georgia (ATL) and Miami, Florida (MIA).

An absolute positive is that St. Lucia does not mandate residency requirements for couples wishing to wed on the island. However, couples should allow at least two days to complete the necessary paperwork.

Don't plan on having a summer wedding in St. Lucia. Doing so will expose you to the rain and hurricane season. In our opinion, the best time to travel to this region is from November to April. Rain season begins in June followed by hurricane season. However, travelers can enjoy year round temperatures averaging around eighty degrees. This is also a prime reason why winter travel is peak season for St. Lucia.

Book well in advance to have a good chance at securing better rates. Remember that most hotels and airlines begin to allow bookings 330 days in advance of the first date of travel. You should be prepared to book in this immediate window for best rates. If you're beyond this time frame, don't panic. Just book as soon as it's feasible for you to do so.

You will certainly want to develop a list of things to do while on the island. St. Lucia offers many great group and couple friendly activities. A must have is the only drive through volcano in the world (Mount Soufriere) and Pigeon Island. St. Lucia is filled with plenty of adventure as your list will certainly grow with continued research. From cultural tours to botanical gardens, St. Lucia offers natural beauty and adventure.

As with any destination event, sufficient planning and research should be completed prior to booking. We suggest conducting additional research and contact a seasoned professional once you're sure a destination wedding is right for you.

Stay tuned for details on a St. Lucian location you won't want to miss!

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