Hopping Honeymoon!

With all the attention and detail that goes into planning your wedding, taking a moment to sit down and think about your honeymoon could be a great stress-reliever (not to mention FUN!). So before you push those honeymoon plans to the side, think about this: Honeymoon's today aren't what they were when your parents were getting married! You can really go all out and plan that "once in a life-time" vacation. Make it specific to what your dream vacation would be. Whether it's relaxing on a white sandy beach for five days, or traveling the world, this should be your time to relax and enjoy the first days of your marriage!
One up-and-coming trend for honeymoon planning is to visit more than one location during your time off. You can plan a trip to Europe, and visit seven or more countries before heading back home! So for the "on-the-go" couple who would rather see and do more together on their honeymoon, this trend might be for you! 

{photo credit: www.travelwise.com}


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