Location... Location... Location?

The ever important question: "Which location will I pick?" Your location selection will be the key in setting your final wedding date and setting the desired atmosphere.

It's time to get the thinking caps on, and think outside of the box! Explore your desired level of formality, review your budget, and let's begin. Houston has many, many wedding venue and location possibilities. Here's a quick list to get the thought process rolling: church, chapel, cathedral, temple, synagogue, a private home, garden, courthouse, hotel, country club, hall, restaurant, museum, yacht, winery, the beach, the park, casino, hot air balloon, art gallery, the zoo, bed and breakfast, college/university, river cruise, or a ranch.

Consider all the additional elements necessary to pull off the design you are going for. Hint: To save on design and decor expense, choose a location that appeals to you before you begin to add to it. An ideal location won't take much to make it beautiful. If you're going for an over the top design, it's best to work with raw locations.

There's so much more that goes into selecting a location. For more information on selection your ideal ceremony and/or reception location, review pros and cons of each, or to schedule a venue consultation send us an email to staff@preciousnuptials.com.