Color Me Gorgeous!

The weather has been contagious! Warm rays of sunshine... Soft night time breezes... These months are my favorite, to say the least. I thrive on beautiful weather. It's this weather that's to blame for making me a very happy wedding planner.

With beautiful weather comes a lovely ray of color. When you see me roaming the streets of
Houston, you'll see me draped in color. Beautiful greens, bright yellows, tangerines... I LOVE COLOR! Think of the beautiful array of color seen in Indian Garb. That's the color! Yep... A nice color combination can be the best antidote to a drab day.

Okay, here's a great dose of color for you to explore: India Collection by OPI. DELICIOUS!

Here are a few of my favorites:
CURRY UP DON'T BE LATE -- Perfect neutral for a bright fashion statement.

KEYS TO MY KARMA -- Wouldn't this be perfect against yellow?

ROYAL RAJAH RUBY -- I can't wait to see this against my oh so fabulous green dress!

I'M INDIA MOOD FOR LOVE -- ... because every girl needs a
luscious hot pink!

Visit OPI for more details on the entire collection!

{Photo Credits: OPI}

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