Share you LOVE for java with your guests!

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t pass on the idea of sharing your love for coffee with your guests. Today’s coffee lovers take it beyond the Folgers blend of our ancestors. Although a flavorful Kona bean wouldn’t be a bad option for a premium after dinner cup of coffee, there are many other espresso recipe ideas that will be a hit with your guests.

The simplest way to incorporate coffee as part of your menu is to serve a signature beverage. This can be a simple beverage recipe with a few extras to add to the drink’s eye pleasing presentation. If you’re wedding decor will have an accent color of mocha, serve a café mocha as your signature beverage. This is a great way to not only incorporate your love for coffee, but to also expand on the color details of your event. Make sure your caterer has a trained barista on staff. It’s not only important for your beverage to look appealing, but it’s equally important that it taste delicious!

If you’re a person of variety, reception coffee stations are growing in popularity. Opt for after dinner coffee and dessert. The coffee station will offer a variety of flavors and beverages on it’s menu that can be paired with your wedding cake or a coffee infused dessert.

It’s important to consider every little detail and make sure that everything ties together. The result is a gala that will have your personality all over it! From your dress, accessories, décor and location, down to the favors, don’t miss the opportunity to let your creativity shine. Here’s a great favor idea that you’re guests will surly enjoy. Line a décor friendly favor box with colored tissue. Fill it with chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee flavored truffles, or espresso infused brownie squares. If you can’t decide on one, create a variety pack. Tie it together with a coordinating silk ribbon. Voila'! Your guest will take you love for coffee home with them.

With any of these ideas, your love for coffee will be elegantly conveyed to your guests. For information, additional details, or recipe request, contact your Precious Nuptials wedding consultants for details.

Remember: It’s your wedding, your vision, your day… Make it Precious!
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