A Glimpse Into Houston's 2008 Wedding Trends!

As we begin a new year, it's always exciting to take a look at the current wedding trends. Let's take a look at what Houston has in store for 2008 wedding trends!

BLING, BLING, and more BLING...
Count on seeing crystals of all kinds evolve into every little aspect of this year’s wedding décor. What begin as simple crystal accents in a bridal bouquet has come full circle into a total statement! Darryl Murchison and his team of designers do a remarkable job of pulling crystals into the overall décor design. Brides to be will notice a wonderful array of wedding designers who offer very trend complimenting gowns designed with Swarovski crystals. You'll notice bling everywhere: flowers, centerpieces, stationery, favor accents, attire, linens, and cake toppers and brooch accents!

Goodbye Chocolate... HELLO Noir!
We all know that for the past few years, chocolates and browns were a great mix with pastels. There's no doubt that chocolates are taking a back seat to black accents. Black will be the accent color of choice amongst many this year. There's a certain level of elegance that no other color can come close to. From simple additions to black bridesmaids’ dresses, black will be a canvas to allow color to POP! You will also see a trend of black and white paired with an accent color: green, red, purple or pink, almost any color of the rainbow will work! NOIR… it’s an unspoken elegance!

Speaking of color... Go BOLD
Couples will embrace the use of bold color schemes. Houston is a cultural melting pot, and many cultures use rich, bold colors as platforms for their wedding décor. This tradition has spilled into the trends of so many others. The proof is in the pudding. As couples step out of their traditional way of doing things, it's certain that there are little boundaries when developing color palates.

Textures and Feathers
Texture is popping up everywhere, what begin with fruit filled centerpieces is now growing to use of other elements, namely feathers. You will notice a wide
r use of feathers in centerpieces and floral arrangements. OHHH... I would so love to see this at a French inspired space such as Chateau Polonez! Totally YUMMY...!!

A Total Space Transformation!
Once upon a time, couples would shop for a reception location that's dressed and ready for a party! This meant that they would not have to invest as much into
dressing the place up for their reception. Today, that couldn't be further from the truth. Couples are totally transforming blank space or tenting space and totally bringing it to life. Today's couple want their guest to live an experience, from over the top cakes, customized lighting, large centerpieces made up of more than flowers, plenty of candle light, customized lounge areas, coffee shops, cigar stations, and fabulous favors. Couples are making sure their guest truly enjoy their wedding and experience an event that's over the top and unique to their personalities.

Going Green
Couples embracing the green wedding concept and are doing what they
can to help the environment by hosting a "green celebration." This doesn't mean that they will have a wedding based on the color green. Green weddings are weddings planned with while using environmentally friendly ideas. How can you have an elegant wedding that your guests will rave about for ages? Simple! There are so many resources and ideas available. Many vendors are ready to help you do your part in saving the environment. From plantable invitations to organic food items, the possibilities are endless. Our friend, Liene Stevens over at Blue Orchid Designs has begun a group on flicker that has member submitted pictures of green items to help you develop your overall green wedding elements. We have a list of other resources available to help you keep your wedding as green as possible. Contact us for details.

Let's Party... and party a little more!
So... you don't want the celebration to end? Well you're not alone. Many of today's couples are opting for additional reception hours and activities. It's not uncommon for a local wedding celebration to literally last all day and spill into
the wee hours of the morning. More often we are seeing couples add hours to their reception timeline with plenty thought into their ultimate goal of keeping their party alive. You're not alone if you're planning a party like a rock star!

The Destination Wedding Trend Continues...
As Echo Boomers (offspring of baby boomers) reach their peak wed age, destination weddings continue to be a huge hit. As Baby Boomers wer
e the first to truly step out of traditional way of doing things, their children will no doubt continue along this path and host non-tradition nuptials. Destination weddings remain to be the better option for various reasons. Couples who want to share their wedding experience on foreign ground often decide to plan a fête afar. Those who want to plan an excursion of island hopping may choose to wed in one location and immediately honeymoon on neighboring islands. The reasoning may vary, but the idea is still very much a trend that will spill into this year. Contact us to find out if a destination wedding is a right fit for you.

Did you say.... "Trash the Dress?"
I most certainly did! I have to credit the fabulous Marc Eric for introducing us to the idea of a trash the dress session. Many couples are deciding to end their festivities with a fun photo shoot in an untraditional setting. This idea is very fitting, but not limited to, a destination wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, don't forget to book your photographer for a romantically fun and artistic trash the dress session. There something about a newly married couple laying in a puddle starring into each other's eyes that only the camera and a trained photographer can capture. Visit Marc’s website and Trash the Dress blog for a beautiful display of trash the dress sessions.

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