Couture Wedding Gown a lá Grocery Store?!?

I average about four visits a week to my neighborhood Kroger located on the corner of El Dorado and Space Center Blvd. This just happens to be my favorite Kroger in the area. It's a little upscale than the original Kroger stores. I guess it helps to have a Starbucks Kiosk at the entrance of the store... hehe!!

A typical visit for me includes parking in front of the neighboring salon (they're not quite open yet), run to Starbucks to place my usual order, and admire the beautiful floral setup as I wait on my Grande Sugarfree Vanilla One Inch Steamed Breve Three Splenda Americano. However, today's routine was a little different. I decided to add substance to my breakfast selection by picking up eggs. I walked expeditiously through floral and glanced at the always pleasing display. I passed through appliances (great selection for a grocery store by the way) and directly across from the Meat Deli department and stopped dead in my tracks. Well... What have we here?!?

You got it! Winnie Couture displayed in the appliance section. I always travel with my trusty little digital camera. "This was something worth photographing", I said to myself!

My thoughts were: "Why would Winnie Couture display in a grocery store?" I asked my usual coffee shop barista (Belinda), but I can tell she had no idea who Winnie Couture is or knew that she had something displayed in the store. Still a little perplexed, I called the store's customer service booth to see if I could get a little additional information. They too had no idea what I was talking about. Finally, a nice gentleman in charge of store displays explained that it's simply a promotional display. Well that left me with the same unanswered question: "Why would Winnie display in a grocery store?"

I'm sure there's a logical answer to that question. One can only guess...

  • An impulse reminder for anyone who knows someone that's getting married
  • An nice reminder for some looking at appliances for their future registry
  • Oh yes! Winnie's Flagship store is a short walk to a huge and fabulous Kroger! I bet they struck a merchandising deal... humm...

Why do you think Winnie Coutoure has allowed a display to grace grocery store shelves? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! Whould a dress displayed in a grocery store incourage purchase?