Music 101

Hey Precious Readers!

My name is Caylin and, like Brittney, I am new to the intern program at Precious Nuptials & Destinations. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to be a part of this opportunity! What I plan on contributing to this blog are stories/experiences from weddings I have attended in hopes that they will help you plan yours :)

Recently, I attended a wedding in Galveston that was absolutely gorgeous and meticulously planned out..except for one tiny fact…the music!! Music is a wonderful way to set the mood you are wanting for your reception. Whether you want a trip down college memory lane or a more modern “club” feeling, music is key to setting the tone.

It is ironic that after attending this wedding I would be checking my favorite (second to this one :) ) wedding blog and ran across a posting with advice on picking out your play list. To read more about these easy tips, check out IDoSugar.



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