We are going green!

No... We aren't talking about the change in our branded image. We are talking about our inner operations!

We sat down and took a deep look at how everyone could make a little change that could make a huge difference globally. We were able to pin-point key areas of interest that would make our operations more Eco-friendly.

We are excited to announce that changes to our operations will begin immediately, but expect a full roll out of our Eco-friendly operations by June of this year. Clients will experience the same great service. However we will streamline our process and evaluate our total operations to make certain they are earth friendly. Some of our changes will include electronic communication of documents, fewer in person meetings and more web meetings, use bio-degradable products, all recycled materials (paper, ink, and office supplies).

We are specifically excited to roll out of web meeting process and electronic planning process. We will maintain the in person feel that our clients have grown to love. However, we will make web cameras available for clients that wish to maintain a face to face approach on all consultations. We feel this will be a win-win for our busy clientele. Our fully interactive system being put in place, and we can't wait to share.

So stay tuned! We're seeing green and loving it!!



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