Discovering Japanese Weddings

Going a step beyond a Japanese inspired wedding, why not wed in Japan? The process is not as complicated as one may think. Before you envision yourself nestled in the backdrops of cherry blossoms wearing a beautiful white kimono, you must first do a little research.
By law, all weddings in Japan must take place at a local ward, also known as a city office. After the civil ceremony is performed, you may then have the wedding of your choice (church, temple, etc). There are many hotels in Japan that will guide you through the process. You may also enlist the help of local destination wedding specialist. They can help you ensure all the proper steps are taken care of, such as document translation and proper filing.

Once you realize that you want to wed in Japan, you will need to contact your local Japanese embassy or the embassy in Japan to begin the paperwork. Here is an overview of what you should expect:
  • APPLICATION: you will need the original (pack these in your carry on luggage) passport, if previously married, final divorce decree or death certificate if widowed, and completed sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry (affirming that you are free to marry completed by your own country's embassy or Japan's consulate). NOTE: A woman must be single for six months to marry in Japan.
With all the essential information, planning your Japanese wedding can be a breeze!

{photo credit: web.mit.edu}
Traditional pure white bridal kimono. Look at these elements and create your own modern touch!

{photo credits: cyber_materia.com}

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