Yum! Yum! Just in time for Christmas!!

If you're anything like me, Christmas is a perfect reason to throw a fabulous bash! I so look forward to the holiday season and all the wonderful party opportunities. Big parties, small parties, house parties, corporate parties... I LOVE THEM ALL!

In my quest for this year's signature beverage, I instantly fell in love with Blueprint's cover. Okay, okay... I admit. I'm a sucker for anything pink, but this holiday decor really works. America fell in love with the pink and gold color scheme in the 1940's and 50's. Well guess what? History repeats itself! My only problem is that, in my house, masculine males are of the overwhelming majority. I don't think they'll embrace the idea of a pink tree just yet . However, for those of you that can get away with it... Go for it! Pick up a copy of Blueprint or view the online version to view it yourself and get all the details of this retro holiday decor design. Let's face it, anything Martha Stewart is definitely worth taking a break and viewing!

At any rate, I've found my signature beverage for this year's bash. Doesn't it look scrumptious?! This light and festive champagne beverage is sure to wow your party goers. Here's the recipe link directly to Blueprint's website.

Once you have your perfect holiday cocktail, you have to have the perfect cocktail glass to display your creation. Cocktail Vibe has just the eye candy you need. You're sure to find something you'll absolutely adore. After all, your holiday cocktail just won't be the same without fabulous means to display and serve it. Right?!... R I G H T! So go ahead... What are you waiting for?

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