Please join me in welcoming your out of town guests!

Speaking of Kemah, and my love for the tropical destination weddings itself, don't forget the guest welcome bags! In my opinion, this is an absolute must have when planning a destination wedding. It’s like bread and butter. They go hand in hand!

Destination weddings are weddings taking place away from your home town. Guest who attends will have traveled miles, altered plans, and in some cases, invested a large sum of money to attend. Show them your appreciation with a welcome bag upon check in, or have it waiting for them in their hotel room.

First, let's find the bag or container to grace your product. I have to credit http://www.blissweddingmarket.com/ for the entire list of the marvelous product I'm about to show you.

This was my first find: A palm leaf clutch that comes in two sizes. The small size is ideal for the miniature 8oz. cans of soda or water and a couple of snack size items of chips, cookies, crackers, or nuts. The large bag will allow you to upgrade to larger beverages, snacks, and add reading material! The small tote is a bargain at $2.49 each, and the large sales for $4.49 each.

Another variation to the palm leaf type bag is this Palm Leaf Handle Bag. It too comes in a small and large version. These bags are hand crafted and perfect for beach or tropical destinations. The diamond shaped button and clasp adds a beautiful design element. Sold in sets of 10, these bags won't break the bank at $9.99 for the small and $19.99 for the large!

For the crafty bride, these Gable Boxes offer a clean slate to carry out personal wedding theme or color touches. Ornament these boxes with ribbon, medallions, ornaments, stamped monograms, or use the blank space to write a personal note. Also sold in packs of 10, you can purchase these boxes for $14.99 for small and $19.99 for the large.

Here's another box option. This Tote Box comes in one size and can also be customized as you like. Sized to fit two miniature beverages and small to medium sized snacks, this is also a nice option to fill with travel size toiletry items. Sold in sets of ten, these boxes are only $12.99 per set!

Sometimes less is better! Add a simple personalized note tag and fill this canvas tote with goodies. At a mere $2.99 each, you can't go wrong!

Gift your out of town guest with the thoughfulness of a welcome package. They'll marvel at the gesture for months to come!
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