Enough pots, pans and toasters!

Are you one of the many couples that don not need another pot, pan or toaster? If you are like many of today's couples who already have fully furnished homes, maybe you should try a honeymoon gift registry.

With the cost of weddings on the rise, you shouldn't skimp on your first trip as husband and wife. Honeymoon gift registries are designed for your guest to gift you will all or part of your honeymoon vacation and activities. Guest pay for designated items represented by dollar amounts, and you enjoy life long memories of a beautiful honeymoon!

There are many honeymoon gift registries out there. Here's a list of things to consider before you start your registry:
  1. Do a comparison! Look at associated charges, features, and benefits. What type of honeymoon flexibility does it offer?
  2. Tour the site! Does it look professional? Read the FAQ page. Look at actual registries.
  3. Check the BBB! Research the company's Better Business Bureau status.
  4. Speak to someone! Know your money's in good hands, ask questions, and get answers.

Finally, here's a few do's and don'ts of gift registry etiquette to consider


  • Register! Your guests will want to gift you with something to start you lives anew. Keep them from guessing about what you may want or need.
  • Get the word out! Tell your parents and wedding party members, and let the word begin to travel by word of mouth. Post your registries on your wedding website. Do include your registry information in your shower invitations.
  • Consider various price ranges! Variations on pricing will allow for everyone's budget. Some guests may also want to purchase lower priced items for your shower and a higher priced item for the wedding.
  • Say, "Thank you!" Remember to send handwritten thank you notes to everyone who gave you a gift. Don't forget to mention the gift by name. Thank you notes should be received no later than three months after returning from your honeymoon.


  • Wait to begin your registry! You may have several pre-wedding functions that your guest may want to bring gifts to. Eliminating the guessing game makes the gift selection process much easier for your guests.
  • Stick to one kind of registry! It's okay to have more than one gift registry. You may only want to register for limited things with each registry.
  • Broadcast your registry with every conversation! Elimate the "tack factor" and verbally share your registry information only when asked!

Okay... plan on!

Send your gift registry or etiquette questions to staff@preciousnuptials.com


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